Garage Door Refacing

Don't replace it... reface it!

Already have an existing garage door? No problem! With TimberKast, there’s no need to throw away a perfectly good garage door. Garage Door Refacing, an exclusive service of TimberKast, allows you to easily and cost-effectively cover your existing garage door with TimberKast’s beautiful, authentic looking, low maintenance faux wood panels and overlays. Not only will our panels dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home, they add 3.82 R-Value to your existing garage door for improved energy efficiency.    

While this is not a do-it-yourself project, TimberKast Pros are available across the country handle the installation.  These certified professionals will walk you through the entire process, from wood grain/color selection and design to spring adjustment and panel application.  Once the materials arrive at your local TimberKast Pro’s facility, installation can usually be completed within one day.