Why TimberKast?

More than just good looks!

TimberKast faux wood products add the beautiful look of wood to homes at a fraction of the cost and without all of the upkeep headaches involved with natural wood.  TimberKast products are low maintenance, safe, durable, and can help to increase the value of your home.

Low Maintenance

TimberKast faux wood products maintain their color and beauty for years without the work of annual painting or staining.  And, because our products are made from engineered polymers they resist mildew, warping and insects, saving time and money over the life of your garage door. Caring for TimberKast is easier than wood and will allow you to focus on maximum enjoyment instead of maximum maintenance.

Increases the Value of Your Home

TimberKast not only looks beautiful, it helps to add value to your home. Remodeling Magazine ranks upgrading to an upscale garage door as one of the highest ROI home improvement projects you can do. Realtors estimate that adding an upscale garage door to your home can increase your home's value by 4% or more.

Product Offerings

TimberKast offers a complete line of low maintenance faux wood building products that are durable and made with high quality materials. We listen to our customers and create products that offer a wide variety of color choices and styles, designed to fit any style and design preference.  We don’t stop at garage doors.  Our beautiful faux wood products are available as ceiling planks, wall covering, door coverings and shutters, giving you flexibility in your home design. 


TimberKast’s warranty offers 5-years of coverage. And our warranty can be transferred to a second homeowner – a great selling feature when you’re ready to relocate.